A bit of history

Well, we did it!  We took the plunge! We jumped right in!  We’ve purchased a very old home with lots of character.

After months of looking at an older and more central area of the city, we found a little piece of history that we just couldn’t resist. So this is where the adventure begins…and this is where we hope to record the steps along the way.

A bit of background:

According to the website: A Guide to Historic Architecture in Fresno, CA (historicfresno.org), this colonial revival house is known as the Lee & Minita Blasingame Home built in 1919-1920 by Shorb & Meade. It is part of the historic Wilson Island district which is made up of 80 homes in a six block area north of the Tower District. It appears that Lee Blasingame was a banker who worked at the First National Bank of Fresno.  According to the website, Milo and Lillian Rowell then lived here from 1923-1927, and “Mr. Rowell was the manager of the largest produce firm in the San Joaquin Valley (historicfresno.org)”.  We purchased the home from Sylvia Foraker who I believe moved in with her family around 1969-1970 (according to our new neighbor Chris). That leaves a gap from 1927-1969.

I know we will be doing a bit of detective work to find out more about the history of this home!


2 thoughts on “A bit of history

  1. Looks amazing. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, etc.?

    Also, is there a way to sign up for notifications of new posts?


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