Wild about wallpaper

There are a lot of walls in this old house.  And, a lot of these walls are covered in wallpaper.  The collection is quite eclectic really.   Some of the designs are more vintage while others are well,  just plain loud.

These are on the bold end of the design spectrum:

More subtle:

Moving towards vintage:

And, what I believe is the most vintage of all:

At first, I thought this pattern was “way over the top” crazy; however, it has grown on me a bit.  I would love to know how old it is.  We had to peel some off the wall, and it has a wood product backing which makes it extremely stiff and it’s almost 1/4 inch thick.

Many of the other designs will be replaced with paint due to the fact that some of them just don’t suit the character of the house.   Mostly, they will be going because we need to redo the entire electrical system, and there will be a lot of wall penetrations throughout the house.  So, I have a handy wallpaper stripping crew that will be hard at work this summer. Stay tuned.


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