Cat Capers


Moving can be stressful, especially for cats. The car ride alone is enough to make you regret owning cats.

I put a frightened but curious Percy in the bathroom next to the library and shut the door to go get him some water and a litter box for the night. Bijoux was hiding out in the room next to the garage. Everything was calming down after a stressful car ride.

But when I went to open Percy’s door, it was locked. We tried everything we could–bobby pins, screwdriver, the card in the crack trick–but the old doorknob and lock were made to stay locked. And it seemed we had no key for this impossible lock. Were we given a key? Where is it? Is it at the old house? In an envelope? Does a key exist?

The outside door into the bathroom was chained shut and there was no way to open the window. At this point we decided Percy would be fine for the night and went to sleep. A locksmith came in the morning and when he opened the door I went in to find Percy peacefully sleeping on his blanket.

(A week later we found the key in an envelope labelled “outside bathroom.”)

The next night, we put Percy in the upstairs bathroom. Before I fell asleep  I heard him crying and fiddling with the doorknob. In the morning, I went to check on him and the door was locked, again. There was no picking this lock either. Luckily, the bathroom has a window onto the balcony, and I was able to pull the screen out and climb through the window. Percy was there to greet me.

The next night we put him in the same bathroom but this time, put  things to cover one of the doors and left it unlocked. He’d probably lock one door again, but at least we could get in the other one.

But Percy is a very determined and observant cat. He showed up the next morning meowing next to my mom and dad’s window in the library. He had pushed the screen out of the window, climbed onto the balcony, shimmied down the tree, and found where we were sleeping.


Then he climbed back onto a branch and slept in the tree for a bit. He still likes to sit up there on that branch and clamber down when we call him.

Now I think Percy is at peace with the house, especially since we let him be with us. He spends all day sleeping in the sunroom and all night wandering outside.

And Bijoux? Our “problem” cat has been no problem at all here, she lives outside and roams around like a leopard.


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