What were they thinking? Part 1

The Kitchen Sink:

So what issue of any design magazine thought this was a good idea?  Yes, I am talking about that teeny tiny sink in the corner.

Sink 1

You may think, a small rinsing sink or perhaps a place to wash dirty hands when the large sink is full of clean dishes.  Or, a way to rinse soapy dishes while preventing the large sink from overflowing with the water running from the tap (aka faucet – my people call it a tap). Yes, all of those could be potentially interesting uses for a very tiny triangular sink.  However, the design minds behind this particular sink in this particular house tasked it with the function of being the garburator sink (aka garbage disposal – my people call it a garburator ).

We thought – okay, we can give that a try.  We attempted to rinse plates before putting them into the dishwasher.  Half of the food scraps ended up in the large sink which then needed to be fished out so they wouldn’t block the drain.  With dinner plates being almost twice the size of this gem of a sink, other scraps washed right off the plate and onto the counter top. In addition, I can’t count how many times we (well some of us) completely forgot that the large sink didn’t have the garburator and rinsed out that oatmeal bowl.

Well, today I was very excited when I came home and saw that the garburator had been moved to the more logical drain of the large sink.  The little sink is still there and its purpose is still to be determined; however, it is no longer the point of frustration it once was.

Sink 2

Ah yes, the little things can still make an impact even in the midst of a very large project.


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