The Tree-House Effect

As young children, how many of you longed for that tree-house experience?  You know the one: that magical fortress high above the ground accessible only by a rickety rope ladder.  Or better yet, the retractable ladder that can be pulled up and out of sight as a way to deny access to unwelcome visitors.

My own children have never had the experience of inhabiting a tree-house as we always lived in brand new houses which included extremely small trees.  We did have a wooden play structure in the backyard (built with love by their grandfather and father).  It had climbing stairs and a towering platform.  But let me tell you, that was no tree-house.  Well, now my kids are in their teens (or a little past that for some of them), and they are finally experiencing that true tree-house effect.  In case you are wondering how this relates to restoring a rather old house, let me connect the dots.

First of all, our house has two floors with a very functional staircase – well constructed and in great shape.  That being said, we have been in the process of refinishing our wood floors, and we have been able to work around (or walk around) the “you can’t walk on the floors while the finish is drying” stage quite successfully. That is until today.  You see, today is the day our very capable floor refinisher started the staining of our dining room and front entry.  Two issues here: the staircase spills out into the front entry and our dining room is in the center of the house from which you can access the entry, sun room, living room, butler’s pantry, and breakfast.  Yes, this room has a lot of doors.  That being said, we are unable to easily move from the front of the house to the back of the house or the top of the house to the bottom of the house.  Our construction crew has rigged up an “alternative access route” by securing a rather tall ladder to Chloe’s patio. Hence, the makeshift tree-house effect.

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I do feel for our construction crew as they happen to be working on the electrical on second floor this week.  That means they are having to use this path of most resistance to get up and down.  Tomorrow we have the inspector coming to look at the work on the second floor.  Yes, he/she will also need to use our makeshift staircase.  That should be an interesting sight.

Good news – we should have full access by Saturday (just in case you were wondering, Mom. We won’t be making you climb any ladders). And our floors have been coming out beautifully, by the way.

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