Room by Room: The Library

Like the sun room, the library did not require a lot of paint.  In fact, no holes in the walls meant that we could preserve the vintage wallpaper.  We left the bookshelves blue and refreshed the room by refinishing the floors and repainting the ceiling white (covered over that dusty rose shade). This really brightens up the room and highlights the old-fashioned light fixture, which we really love!

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Sun Room – Check!

Fortunately the sun room was not covered with wallpaper, and the existing paint was in pretty good condition.  We were able to match the paint, so after the electrical work was completed, it was relatively easy to get this room done!

Before and during:

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We added a new ceiling fan and mounted the television on the wall. We even have pictures on the walls. A good feeling!

One space down – 15 plus to go.


The Paint Process

Well we have been in renovation mode for nearly 4 months now, and we have been living in the middle of it for almost 3.5 months.  A layer of plaster dust covering every surface including floors is just a given.

Updating all of the electrical is now, for the most part, completed.  A huge job that has taken months but so much of it is behind the scenes (or in the case of home renovations, behind the walls) and remains unappreciated.  New switches and some new lights are all we see of the great lengths of wire threaded through walls representing hours and hours of labor. But, now that most of the holes are filled in and patched (and wallpaper has been stripped), it is time for paint!

Unlike the electrical, paint is right there in plain sight covering walls and ceilings.  Nothing is hidden when it comes to paint. Nothing. Is. Hidden. Therefore, one must take special care when choosing paint colors.  That chosen color will be up front and center catching our gaze every time we look up. No pressure… Needless to say this process has taken time – lots of time. Starting with the paint chip or sample consisting of a very small patch of color and trying to envision a whole wall surface covered in one particular color can be intimidating.  Realizing that the paint color in one room needs to coordinate with the color in the next room and any room beyond that remains in your line of sight, can be a bit overwhelming. Matching a color to existing trim, floor tones, and floor textures are all part of the goal to make the colors happy together (Connie Enns-Rempel).  In addition, a color on a paint chip might look perfect until you get the sample paint and start slathering it on the wall. A color on a paint chip might be just that shade of blue until you hold it up to some existing trim where suddenly it has too much gray, or green, or yellow, or brown, or red.  A slight variation in lighting can also change that once fresh green into a shade of slime or swamp.

So the last few weeks have involved the placing of many swatches of paint colors on the walls.  On almost every wall. Many colors on the same wall. Many walls. Many colors. Much paint. Paint everywhere. I would not bill myself a decorating guru at any level, so I am thankful for input of others.  Our friend Connie Enns-Rempel has been kind enough to bring in her color samples and look at paint chips on multiple walls in multiple rooms under multiple lights and shadows.  We have also polled visitors and family members.

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Stay tuned…we will see how this turns out, and we hope our colors will all be happy together.