Room by Room: The Breakfast Nook

The wallpaper throughout the house is slowly being replaced by fresh paint! It is great to see the transformation of each room.  The south and west-facing breakfast nook is a cozy space right off the kitchen. A set of french doors connect it directly to the dining room.  Two walls boast original double hung windows with beautiful wood trim.  A wonderful wooden inset under one of the windows could serve as a window seat or a great place for plants.  The west window has old fashioned plantation shutters that are in really great shape!  The breakfast nook is complete with a weathered tile floor in a shade of blue-green. I just love the character of this room!

Now when we first moved the walls in this room were covered in wallpaper. Shelves had been added around the perimeter for knick-knacks, and the light fixture was quite dated.

The first thing we did was remove the plywood shelves that ran across the top of the windows.  This was followed by several long sessions of wallpaper removal. This seemed to be a futile task as this wallpaper, which happened to be the same as that in the kitchen, did NOT budge.  We final gave up when the the Dove-Tail crew said they could put primer over the wallpaper.  Thank goodness!

First the electrical work needed to be completed, and then the painting began. First we needed to pick the paint color blue, green, beige.  Such a hard decision.

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Primed and ready for paint.


And the finished product!

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I foresee many cups of tea (or coffee, or wine) being consumed with friends in this space!










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