A Refrigerating Machine

The electric refrigeration unit (the refrigerator) was introduced to the domestic American market in the 1920s; therefore, it is likely that the first residents of the Pine house had a traditional icebox, and that was probably why it was situated on the back porch.  As mentioned earlier, this allowed the ice man to deliver and refill the ice box with ice without disturbing the family.  In addition, sawdust was often used to insulate the ice, so it could be a bit messy. We are not sure which resident purchased a newfangled electric refrigerator, but Virginia, who lived in the house in the 1930s as a teenager, remembered the electric refrigerator being in the back porch where the ice box once stood.  

These 1920 ads were probably from the mid to late twenties.  The one mentioning Friday, March 22 was probably from 1929 based on when that date fell on a Friday. In the 1920s a refrigerator selling for around $215 would have been the equivalent of approximately $3000 today. The one in the ad is a single door unit. The one that had been in the Pine house was a double door unit, which probably would have been even more expensive. 

general-electric-1929-1920s-the-advertising-archivesGE Refrigerator 21920s ad for GE refrigerator

When we moved in, a modern style refrigerator had taken its place, but the 1920/30s refrigerator hadn’t moved very far.  We discovered it in the basement.  This appliance was solid and extremely heavy. We still have no idea how they moved it down the staircase.  In fact, when we purchased the home, it was written in the purchase agreement that the refrigerator was part of the sale.  The seller would not move it.

IceBox 4
Refrigerating Machine
Icebox 2
GE – it was electric, so no need to add ice.
Icebox 1
The all steel electric refrigerator


We spent a couple of months wondering what we would do with this monstrosity living in the basement.  There was no practical use for it, and it just seemed to take up a lot of space at the bottom of the basement stairs.  Apparently, if restored, these units can be sold for quite a bit; however, we had no knowledge of where to begin on that kind of project. Steve, our contractor, talked to one of the local heating and air conditioning company owners who agreed to move it out for us. In return, he could have the refrigerator – it was a win-win! Moving that appliance was quite an endeavor. It took five men part of an afternoon to complete.  I still do not know how they got it up the staircase without injury.

Our 2016 refrigerating machine can be found where the original icebox stood.  It’s location is now considered quirky as it is not part of the kitchen; however, you can appreciate its location when you know the background behind it!

2016 Refrigerator
Our very own refrigerating machine.





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