Merry and Bright: The Creation of Mistletoe Corner

During our November Supper Club meeting, conversation turned to the topic of decorating our intersection for Christmas.  Some members of the group (the guys) got really excited about lights and a scissor lift – oh think of what we could do…

Well, the contingent got to work.  It entailed online researching and shopping, product and price comparing.  And, lots of texting back and forth. Finally the plan was set, the products were purchased, and the scissor lift secured. Garland, heavy gauge wire, strings of lights, and 12 large hanging stars were on their way to Pine and Linden.

The goodies arrived, and on a balmy afternoon at the end of November, these Santa’s elves got to work. There was a lot of measuring, drilling, stringing, wrapping, zip-tying, road blocking, traffic stopping, and finally, installing and hanging. Of course all interlaced with laughter and good neighborhood fun!

Wrapping the garland and lights around the wire and zip-tying for good measure.

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We got some additional neighborly advice/direction.

Jake, Slaten, and Dave were the primary scissor lift operators/riders.  The garland needed to be attached to the poles and/or trees.  The final touch: the five mistletoe bunches: one in the middle and one in each of the four corners.

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Lots of teamwork!

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Phase 2 – hanging the 12 large stars took place a couple of nights later.

The result?  Requests from neighbors to complete the same thing on their intersection and lots of cars slowing down as they roll through the intersection (even in the middle of the day).  Hey, what’s not to love about some bright stars and festive lights in the month of December?




The Fresno High Holiday Home Tour 2017

This fall, we were approached by the organizers of the Fresno High Holiday Home tour, which raises money for projects in the Fresno High neighborhood and for Fresno High student scholarships.  Happy to share the house and its history with others, we said yes and embarked on readying the house for its visitors.

This meant getting into deep cleaning and Christmas decorating mode immediately after Thanksgiving – tree(s), additional ornaments, stockings, candles, more outside lights, table settings, etc. Everyone pitched in as no room was off limits to tour attendees. Throughout the preparation, we worked with a home chairperson and provided them with house descriptions and historical information. We also coordinated traffic flow and safety plans.


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The tour annually draws several hundred people, so there is a lot that goes into organizing the event. Fresno High School students volunteered as docents and received an evening of training. The house even had its own professional photoshoot. The pictures can also be seen below:


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On the night of the tour, we vacated the house, and let the volunteers take over. Members of the Fresno High band played Christmas music on the porch. The student volunteers were assigned rooms and were placed accordingly. Each student provided tour goers information (historical and present) about their area of the house.  Adults were also on hand to help with crowd control and security.


It was a bit strange not being present on the night of the event, but for this one, the house was the host and had the party without us!


It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

This colonial revival house begs to be decorated for Christmas.  Not the type of people to go over the top crazy when it comes to decorating combined with a lack of time available to commit to that endeavor, we have kept it simple this year.  However, with a goal of being warm and welcoming, I think we have achieved our purpose.







A real tree


Stockings were hung…
We hosted the Dove-Tail company Christmas party